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"From Here to There" February show at Brackenwood Gallery

Brackenwood Gallery is excited to present “From Here to There” a travel show featuring Anna Mastronardi and Jeff Day with Faye Castle and Rich Frishman.    

Anna Mastronardi is known for her strikingly beautiful landscapes. Regions of Italy like Chianti and Venice take center stage for Anna. Whether through encaustic multi-media photographs or intricately drawn wax pencil paintings, Anna’s images draw you into the beauty that is Italy. Anna has lived in Washington since 1978. Living on the Island for years, Anna also loves to capture the natural beauty here as well.    

"View from the Wild Roses" by Anna Mastronardi             ViewFromTheWildRoses22x30in-001_2

Jeff Day is a local artist who is currently residing in Nanjing, China. Jeff has been officially named a Cultural Ambassador to Nanjing, China from Seattle. In his capacity as Cultural Ambassador he hopes to bring some artists from Nanjing to the Northwest and visa versa.  While in China, Jeff is working with world renown Jingdezhen Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute to cast his new organic sculptural works in porcelain. As a sculptor, Jeff typical medium is bronze but the quality has not been up to standard so using porcelain is a great option while in China.

Jeff in Nanjing, China


In this show, we have both sculptures and paintings of Jeff’s. Jeff brings to life the places he visits thru both mediums. Images from Istanbul, Turkey capture the essence of the daily life of Turkish people going to market or walking along the Bosphorus Sea to prayer.  Jeff’s kite series depicts a favorite pastime in China.


Faye Castle is also a contributor to this show. Her delicate pen and ink watercolors capture several favorite places on Whidbey Island and San Miguel De Allende. Faye loves to Plein Aire sketch then finish in watercolors and ink. Faye’s book called Sketching Whidbey is a treasure indeed.

"Coupeville Wharf" by Faye Castle

Wharf 5x7


Finally, Rich Frishman joins the show with a photo-montage of a beloved landmark “The Doghouse”. Rich wove together over 217 separate photographs taken over an 18 month period to create this image. Photographs were shot from various perspectives and at different times of year to produce this great monumental work. It’s a Doghouse we all hope will be revived in real life soon.

"The Dog House" Photo Collage by Rich Frishman



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