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Have you thought about giving the gift of art as a wedding present?

Many young people today are waiting to get married. By the time they tie the knot they often have all the essentials for setting up house. They are ready for other things like art. Although you may not know exactly what the couple may desire, you can be sure they would appreciate an enduring piece of art.

Starting a young couple out with art is a great wedding present. At Brackenwood Gallery we have a bridal registry and work with the bride and groom to help them think about what kind of art they may want to start collecting. Giving a Gift Certificate to help newly weds begin their art collection is a treasured opportunity to invest in artists and help young people value and enjoy art in their new lives together.

Brackenwood Gallery is a fine arts and crafts gallery with a long history of showcasing the work of outstanding Whidbey artists. Brackenwood features sculptures, paintings, textiles, photographs, ceramics, woodworking, glass, multimedia, prints and jewelry. This lovely gallery is full of beauty and surprise. Visit our website to see all the great possibilities!

 "Armadillo" by Briony Cribbs would be a great starting piece of art. Briony graduated from So. Whidbey so many of the local young people are familiar with her and her work. Many young people like to collect work by people they know.

 Of course Georgia Gerber is another favorite. This bronze sculpture is called "Saw Whet Owls"

Being from Whidbey everyone identifies with blown glass so that is another wonderful option. Dan and Joi LaChaussee are local glass artists that produce useful and beautiful pieces.

"Earth, High Ribbon Reflective Bowl"

So, start thinking about art as a great possibility for Wedding Presents. If you know a young couple planning a wedding, send them in to register with us for the Gift of Art!



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