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Today, June 5, 2010, is the opening of the new show at Brackenwood Gallery. It's entitled,  "A FAMILY AFFAIR". It features Buffy Cribbs, Bruce Morrow and Briony Morrow-Cribbs. This incredibly talented family have put together a show that is truly phenomenal!

Buffy's talents are vast, ranging from woodworking to painting, all of which are highlighted in the work for this show. Buffy makes her own frames for her paintings that become part of the art. Here is an example called "Copper Pillow". This is a fun example of Buffy's experimentation with materials and concepts. Buffy's work for this show explores the theme of circles:After a few times around the sun we begin to get a sense that everything-including our own lives- moves in recurring cycles. This, presently, is the focus of my artwork.”

Small Copper Pillow
 Bruce Morrow's representational art often touches your heart. Here in "Ena in the Window" you just know that doggie is waiting for the family to come home, she's lonesome!


Bruce is also known for his cowboy/western themes which are also well represented in this show with more dogs, diners, kachina and a sleeping woman who is looked after by horses and doggies.

Not to be outdone by her parents, Briony Morrow-Cribbs, currently in Madison, WI working on her MFA, sent some compelling prints for us to ponder. Here is my favorite, and it expresses beautifully Briony's desire to "...consume the viewer with this moment, make her pause, take it all in, and imagine the continuation of the narrative – before moving on.

  “With a tiny needle, I etch images into a metal plate, creating an alternative or “suspended” reality.”  

Hope you can make it to this eclectic show! The Cribbs/Morrow clan are the heart of our art community here on Whidbey.


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