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Michel Tsouris "This is Where I Live" continues to inspire!

As patrons come into the gallery they stop and walk close, muttering "What is this?" "What's happening?"


"How does this artist do this work?" and usually one of us comes to their aid to tell them all about the encaustic process that Michel employs in her beautiful paintings. Here is some information Michel shared about her process:

"I begin my paintings with either a ground of tar or raw mineral pigments under a layer of poured beeswax. The ground is a space onto which I can project whatever resides just beneath the surface of consciousness. 
My process evolves by identifying shapes and forms suggested in the dark ground. I use oil paint, tar, galkyd medium, cold wax and encaustic to build multiple layers of shape, form, line and eventually render more specific imagery. 
I work in series, and I find that objects recur, and I mine them for meaning. Recurring images will transform or disappear altogether as I work with them over a period of months or years.
My painting process leads me more than I lead it."

As one moves closer to the paintings we often hear, "Ooos and Ahhs" but one of the best comments came from former owner of this gallery, Ron Childers "This artist REALLY knows how to paint! It makes me want to go home and paint today." Ron ran our gallery for many years and is a conno

isseur of art so this was a valued critique.

Michel's painting entitled "Family Portrait #3 Mockingbird" grabs the viewer in many ways. First with the amazingly intensity of color she has achieved and second in a search for the bird. Michel's use of beeswax and oil pigments creates a depth to these paintings that typically are not seen in regular oil paintings. They also inspire questions in the viewer such as: Why a Mockingbird? or What are the chairs for and why isn't anyone sitting in them if this is a family portrait? The woman has something to say and we get to interpret what it is as a viewer. 

If you have seen any of these paintings you will see the reoccurring theme of empty chairs. We hope you can come to see this amazingly talented artist's show here at Brackenwood. Not only do you get to see her paintings, you get to see her lovely poetry that slips into being as she works on a painting. These words shed a bit of light on what she was thinking at the time she was painting the images that come alive on the canvas. 

that's me

a small red bird on a thin


remnants of fences and


places where we sat

shadows cast and retracted

repeating myself

chest puffed out tail flipping





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