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WHIDBEY ARTISTS: A New Generation!

Brackenwood Gallery is thrilled to present “Whidbey Artists: A New Generation!” The exhibit opens January 8 and continues thru January 31, 2011. This show features several young artists who grew up on Whidbey Island and are returning for a debut show.

Brackenwood Gallery’s opening reception for “Whidbey Artists: A New Generation” is on Jan. 8, 2011 from 5-7 PM.

Aleah Chapin's "Introspection" is an oil painting, one of many that will knock your socks off!


Joining Brackenwood for this show are: Aleah Chapin, Mercia Mosely, Lucy Brennen, Matt Statz, Zoe Osenbach and Ryan Grossman. Although they hail from Whidbey Island, most have traveled far and wide extending their art education in various ways. Their collective art experiences are impressive. Whether receiving their BA, BFA or MFA in Vancouver BC, New York or California all have committed to serious careers in art. Several spent time in Italy, Amsterdam and/or Paris in Atelier type experiences while others worked with mentor artists like Anthony J. Ryder in Santa Fe, NM.

Mercia Moseley's "Nautilus" is an oil also. It's hard to believe this is a painting it is so real looking!

Nautilus il 1 low res

Ryan Grossman has played with northwest colors in landscapes that resonate with those who live on the island. This oil pain

ting entitled " Study 01" plays with the blues, greys and black tones. 


Zoe Osenbach is a photographer who enjoys playing with images from polaroids to transfers. 


Matt Statz final project in art school was entitled "Conversations". He painted several perfect strangers and in so doing got to know these new friends.


 Finally we welcome Lucy Brennan, who is a master of textile art as well as a wonderful painter. 


You should always buy the art you love and finding young talented artists is a collector’s dream. We believe this New Generation is worthy of consideration. 






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