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WHIDBEY ARTISTS: A New Generation!

BRAVE THE WEATHER! Come out and see this great new talent. We are so fortunate living here on Whidbey and its obvious these young artists benefited from the immense art talent that lives and works here on Whidbey. The opening tonight, Sat. January 8, 2011 is a lovely show. Full of beauty, joy and a passion for art. 

One of our clients after looking at Ryan Grossman's painting entitled, "Island #1" remarked " I've always wanted to take this view with me. It looks just like the view out this gallery's window looking toward Camano. I could take this painting to town and have that view in Seattle. Its like a lovely little Whidbey window. I love it!"

IslandNo1_32x48"Island #1" by Ryan Grossman
I have to agree with her. Ryan did a study of Whidbey Island and its environs. When you look at Ryan's paintings, you can tell he was really in touch with the colors, forms and feeling of the Island particularly in winter. Ryan captures the many shades of grey, the solitude and beauty that we all appreciate about this island. Mr Grossman paints in a hyper-realism way, you almost think its a photograph. But when you step close and really look at the painting, you see all this amazing, yet subtle detail that contributes to its "real" look. His tiny brush strokes, hundreds of them, combine to create a texture on the water or in the sky that is so Northwest. 

It's been a treat to see the work that has come in this week. Each of these artists has their own style and subject matter. 

We have had such a good time putting up the pieces. Each artist has such a unique and personal style.

Some of them are very personal, some have a great sense of humor and others are ver

y intense.

Matt Statz is showing his thesis project for graduation. He had this idea to pick students at random from his college and ask them if he could paint their portrait. He didn't know any of these students but after having then sit for him for 3-4 hours he got to know them quite well. He called it a friendship project because after he painted them he had made some new friends as well as some great paintings.

"Amy" by Matt Statz.


If you haven't yet seen Lucy Brennan's incredible textile people, you must come take a look. The amount of work that has gone into each little being is truly astounding. Lucy's passion for creating characters out of textile is obvious because they each have their own little attitude! I can really see them in a child's room, keeping them company, having a tea party or just snuggling with them. So fun! I also love her study on doubling. Each watercolor is a joyful image of twinness. 

Lucy Brennan's Plush "Play Things"

We hope you can come in and see for yourself the amazing and wonderfully diverse talent this Artist's Island has produced. We are so happy to have these young artists represented at Brackenwood Gallery for this show.










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