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What is the story behind the painting?

This is a photo of Aleah Chapin in front of one of her paintings entitled “Introspection”. This painting has garnered a great deal of interest and speculation by viewers so I decided to ask Aleah just how she came to paint herself facing backward? There had to be a story about this image and I, and others were curious about what it was. Here's what Aleah had to say about "Introspection"...


“The story behind the painting "introspection" isn't so much a story, but a state of mind that I was in. I was nearing the end of the first semester in school in NYC. I was feeling pressure (perhaps put on myself, by myself) to perform and make something "brilliant", beautifully painted, different from anything I have ever done or has b

een done, powerful, meaningful and intelligent. I spent hours trying to think of something that would fit all this criteria and still be true to who I am. All night I took photos of myself and by the end of the night I felt bogged, suffocated and lost. I had painted my face too many times and I was tired of it. But it had to be a self-portrait. Finally, in desperation at the end of the night, I decided to take photos of myself exactly how I was feeling at that moment. And so I leaned, collapsed and fell against the white wall. 

Sometimes my mind gets too full of ideas; my own and the millions of other artists before me. I get stuck. This painting was my way of getting un-stuck. Letting go of all the pressure to be "perfect" and just try to be honest with where I am in my art and life at that moment. Sometimes we need those moments of introspection to be able enter the world again.” 

I am grateful for the experience that pushed Aleah to try something different. The outcome is a lovely yet thought provoking piece of art. Come in and see it if you haven’t had the opportunity!





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