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As we hung the show for sculptor Sharon Spencer and photographer Skip Smith we started to realize that the work from these two artists goes together in such a gestalt way. The work really compliments each other in a way that has actually created an atmosphere in the gallery, a kind of 'Quiet Elegance'. Someone came in and said "I feel like I need to whisper because this work is so quiet and lovely." But quiet doesn't mean boring, no,  quiet means it makes you want to go slow and look closely because there are so many surprises and interesting twists and turns.


For instance, this amazing piece of Sharon's. At first as you move close you think it is another one of Sharon's paper creations, but then you realize it is bronze! You find yourself moving even closer to look over the top into the opening and voila! a gorgeous golden egg is revealed. This piece entitled, "The Offering" is a bronze burn out and was indeed originally made out of a paper substance with woven sticks and a fabric wrap. But now, it is bronze.





Skip Smith's work is also filled with wonder. For instance, you wonder what in the world he took a picture of to get the image that appears on the paper. You would swear it was a painting, not a photograph. Skip is an expert at Lith photography, a process of development that takes great care and precision, which his work aptly demonstrates.

Hope you can make it to the Artists' Reception on Aug. 6 from 5-7, but if not come have a quiet and elegant stroll between now and Aug. 29th.






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