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A gallery on Whidbey Island, WA representing the very best in fine arts and crafts from the pacific northwest.


What a beautiful show! "These artists are not afraid of color!" remarked one person as they stepped inside the gallery and began scanning the work of our featured artists Anne Belov and Cheryl Kamera. The textures, colors and patterns blend together to create an exhibit of art that is truly sensual. Anne Belov has been painting for 35 years. Her skill and expertise with various mediums really are on display in this show. This piece for instance called, "Crossing the Line" took many long hours just to draw out the patterns on the fabric, not to mention the hours of painstakingly painting the lines, making sure they show depth and then reflect off the vase. The roses are lush and the birds eye view of them on the background of swirling fabric that actually looks shiny, is spectacular!

Cheryl Kamera's textile art stands on it's own in this show. Her woolen shawls and incredible silks flow and glide around one's shoulders making you feel like a work of art yourself when you don one of her pieces. Cheryl, who is a chemist by trade, has fashioned these one of a kind art pieces starting from pure white silk or wool then dying them and over dying them sometimes many times to obtain the depth of color and design she has in mind.

One of my favorite pieces is this magnificent silk and felted wool piece. Cheryl described how she made this piece: she started with dying the silk and dying cut velvet, then laying fleece over and under the silk and velvet in patterns. Next she rolls the piece gently up on a large plastic pipe and begins the arduous task of rolling and rolling for hours with hot water and sudsy soap to achieve this unique felted design. It is truly gorgeous!

Hope you can come to this show, it is stunning! We are so lucky to have the caliber of artists here on Whidbey that show at Brackenwood Gallery. It's an honor to represent them and show their exquisite work!


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