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A gallery on Whidbey Island, WA representing the very best in fine arts and crafts from the pacific northwest.


Of course you think of birds when you see the byline Flights of Fancy and sure enough you will find some amazing and beautiful images of birds in this show! However, as artists Janie Cribbs and Sara Saltee would have it, there is also a bit of whimsy and imagination. Janie is known for her birds and her use of gorgeous acrylic color and often includes gold granulation. These paintings have the most amazing backgrounds and patterns infused with vintage designs.

Sara Saltee is back with her delightful and thoughtful assemblage pieces. She collects the most amazing tiny treasures and painstakingly puts them together into assemblages that make you stop, stare and really look closely. Each time you peer into these tiny worlds you are rewarded with a new little seed of wisdom or a smile because you can't believe what she has done with a teeny tiny chicken!

Be sure to see this unique and lovely treat for the eyes and mind. Come to the opening on April 7 from 5-7 and meet the artists or stop by before April 30.


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