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The Wonder of TREES!

It is such a joy to wander thru the Brackenwood looking at these glorious trees! It really is a statement about the tenacity of this genome we call trees. They are beautiful, useful and oh so elegant when photographed or painted by these two artists showing here this month: Skip Smith and Kent Lovelace. Most of us take for granted that the natural world will just endure no matter what, and looking at some of the places these trees abide in it almost confirms this bias! However, there is also a bit of fragility that these two artist uncover in this work. The beauty they capture strikes your heart and makes you want to care more for this organism we all depend on for our very survival on this planet. It is such a pleasure to have the opportunity to contemplate and think about the art as well as the environmental importance of trees. We are honored and excited to have Kent Lovelace join our gallery for this show and think Skip had a really good idea when he asked Kent to join him in this endeavor! Come on down and enjoy this lovely show!


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