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This month at Brackenwood Gallery we are hosting a very unique and wonderful show. Bergen Rose is our featured artist and her work spans two distinct mediums, acrylic paintings with lots of texture and mood as well as beautifully quilted textile pieces that incorporate some of her own painted images. Bergen is a local artist but has a very international flavor since she has traveled extensively in many countries of the world. Just a little slip of a woman, with a very tender soul, Bergen makes a big splash in the beauty she brings to the gallery. One of the things I learned about Bergen was that she was influenced by her grandmother who was an artist too. Her grandmother put a paint brush into Bergen's hand as a child and she never let go. So at an early age art was in her heart. Bergen began her pursuits as a professional artist as a participant in Judy Chicago's exhibit called "The Dinner Party". From 1974-1979 Artist Judy Chicago conceived, organized and exhibited a monumental sculpture called “The Dinner Party”. Now in a permanent location in the Brooklyn Museum is a symbolic history of women’s achievements and struggles told through painted china plates, elaborate table runners and a “Heritage Floor” made from 2,300 tiles bearing the names of 999 women chosen from all countries, periods and fields of endeavor.

The Dinner Party

Bergen Rose had the honor of being one of the 250 women and men artists who participated in creating this ground braking transformational exhibit. Bergen and her daughter worked on the floor creating the triangular tiles that made up the floor under the table. This incredible experience launched Bergen’s career as an artist and had a strong influence upon her as an artist.

It is a pleasure to welcome Ms. Rose as our honored guest this month. Her work is dreamy and a bit abstract yet grounded in the real world and touches of whimsy with chairs, boat or animals inhabiting lovely landscapes.  Bergen's work, particularly her textiles, have been tremendously influenced by her immersion in Japanese culture. These exquisite wall hangings and bags are like getting two gifts in one package, a lovely quilted textile with a painting or photograph incorporated into the piece.


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