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The Pace of Nature

Brackenwood Gallery is thrilled to welcome Jennifer Phillips as our featured artist for October! Although Jennifer has had small works in the gallery this is the first time we have had the opportunity to showcase her larger work. Help us welcome Jennifer to the gallery by coming to the Artist’s Reception Sat. Oct. 6 from 5-7. Phillips paints with oils on everything from large archival wood panels to tiny scrabble tiles.

Jennifer’s large paintings have created an atmosphere in the gallery of quiet and contemplative nature. Not an exact duplicate of nature but the sensation of being in the woods; what the eye catches as it scans the area. Very dreamlike, somewhat blurry imagery of branches and lovely landscapes draw you forward and into the natural world.

Jennifer’s color pallet captured the look and feel of fall. From a simple branch reaching out into space to more abstract landscape images, the gallery has come alive with autumnal beauty. Serene is the word that comes to mind for this show. Jennifer named the show, The Pace of Nature, an apropos name in that you want to slow down and appreciate this beautiful work.


Jennifer’s process is interesting as well. She typically uses oil with glazing techniques as her main medium. Using brushes she adds visual texture and ends with a thicker alla prima layer. In some cases she uses wax to finish a piece instead of varnish giving the work a very soft and ephemeral appearance.



Although the show is primarily about Jennifer’s larger work, we have several smaller pieces as well. From Jennifer’s scrabble tile jewelry, which are tiny works of art,

to her framed miniature landscapes painted on canvas the variety of work large and small is delightful!


Even though Jennifer’s first child was born this year she was willing and able to produce a fabulous body of work for this show. We are truly honored!


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