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Conversations Around Mending Hearts

Valentine’s Day evokes strong feelings we all have for each other. It also brings up times when our love lives have stumbled. “Mending Hearts”, Brackenwood’s current show, explores the yin and yang of love. Sue Taves obviously knew carving hearts from beautiful stone then documenting the breaking of them would be a thought provoking exhibit. When Sue and Zia Gipson brainstormed the mending processes they had to be deep in conversation about how people usually heal but are changed in unforeseen ways. It’s been fun eaves dropping on the conversations this art has generated. Soft Spot, Stone Sculpture, Sue Taves

At first glance, people don’t know what to make of them. “Hearts, lots of hearts,” they say looking quite puzzled. Then they start to realize the hearts have been broken and mended. As they look more deeply the conversations start:

“There is no way for all the tiny shards of stone to be put back together again. I guess hearts can mend but they are never quite the same again.”

“Wow that one looks like the break was so sudden, it just sheared apart! But the gentle way it was mended  shows there is hope after heart break.”

Clean Break, Stone Sculpture, Sue Taves


“Heartbreak can expose our inner most fears and terrors. But sometimes, through heartbreak also comes beauty. The inside of this stone has crystals that you would never have known were there before it was broken. Just like people, you never know what the broken heart will be like once it has mended. It might be better than it was before.

I find people looking at Michael Stadler’s photographs to see how the pieces broke and trying to find the mended heart it goes with. The explosive photos also elicit comments such as: “Wow that one really exploded. That's powerful!”

If you haven’t had an opportunity to see the hearts close up, come on by. This is one of those exhibits that truly gets at the heart of art: communicating emotions and ideas thru the use of provocative images. “Mending Hearts” certainly does that.

Besides “Mending Hearts”, which continues through Feb. 25, 2013, we also have some fine gifts you could consider for your special Valentine.


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