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Motorcycle Mania in Photography

“Discerning Eyes” Continues Through April 29 If anyone interested in Motorcycles walked into the gallery today, they would be blown away by three incredible photographs by Rich Frishman. The first photograph called “Sturgis, So. Dakota” captures what must be an amazing experience when hundreds of thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts, bikers, venders of motorcycle paraphernalia descend on this tiny town each August to celebrate the mystic of the motorcycle culture. * Please visit Rich Frishman's page on our website to see the photos which are at the end of his slideshow.

Rich utilizes an unusual photographic technique to conjure up this extraordinary scene. Standing on a tower overlooking the main drag, Rich took hundreds of photos over a two-hour period. Then he “knit” together approximately 50 individual photographs to create a panorama, which at first glance appears to be a snap shot of a single moment. Upon closer scrutiny one starts to notice people and objects popping up several times across the picture, and as you lean into the photo studying it more intently you find yourself fascinated by the subject matter and suddenly you are there! You can almost feel the heat on your back and hear the cacophony of sounds and smells that must be emanating from that street. Anyone who has actually experienced this Motorcycle Rally in person will surely be drawn to the photograph as it sparks conversations and storytelling about their adventures at Sturgis!

When Rich last visited Las Vegas, the Guggenheim Museum was paying homage to the art of the motorcycle. Photographing 48 different individual bikes, Rich composed a single photo-mosaic called “The Art of the Motorcycle” incorporating dozens of separate 4X6 inch prints of many different bikes in the exhibit blended into one motorcycle. He included a Crocker, Indian, Haley and a Daimler steam-powered wooden cycle to name a few. Its a beautiful photograph even if motorcycles are not your passion!

Finally, while visiting the California desert Rich was encouraged to go see the Imperial Sand Dunes known for their windblown beauty and solitude. Instead he encountered hundreds of off highway vehicle (OHV) enthusiasts racing their high performance dune buggies, quads and motorcycles down the sand dunes with music blaring and sand swirling in every direction. It was truly a sight to behold and Rich captured it by shooting hundreds of photos over a three-day period. The final composite montage includes over 200 separate photographs painstakingly masked and assembled in their actual relative positions. Frishman creates a scene of heightened human activity over this incredible desert landscape. The photograph is printed on canvas, which gives it even more texture than the thousands of tracks that crisscross the undulating dunes extending as far as the eye can see. One is mesmerized just looking at the crisp images of these vehicles as they careen over the sand dunes, sometimes airborne, dodging and weaving thru this dune buggy desert paradise.

Hope you can come by to see these photographs in person as well as the work by our other fabulous photographers featured in this show: Earl Olsen,  Ed Severinghaus, Skip Smith, and Kim Tinuviel.  Future blogs will highlight their amazing work. We are lucky to have these talented photographers in our community who open up worlds we may never actually visit thru their “Discerning Eyes”.







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