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More Incredible Photographers...

This is the final Blog post for this April’s show “Discerning Eyes” which features Skip Smith, Ed Severinhaus and Kim Tinuviel. Previous blog posts have featured photographers Earl Olsen and Rich Frishman.  This photography show runs through April 29. Italian Graffiti, Photograph, Skip Smith


Skip Smith is a master photographer using the lithe print development technique, which creates a “black and white” image that looks like it came from antiquity. Really the images are more tones of dark brown and cream. For this show Skip chose lovely small prints from a recent trip to Italy. He captures the details such as a lovely flowerpot full of ivy in a tiny window, or a close-up of a subtle smile on a marble statue. He even snapped photos of interesting graffiti with a sense of humor. Looking at these photographs one wonders when the photo was taken, in the 19th, 20th or 21st century. The timelessness of the subject matter and his unique development technique combine to create little worlds of wonder.


Trees With Boardwalk, Photograph, Ed Severinghaus


Ed is a master photographer specializing in black and white images. Utilizing software, Silver Efex Pro, converts his color digital prints into black and white images with a quality approaching the black and white silver gelatin prints of the “old days”. His theme for this show is northwest landscapes with a focus on scenes from our lovely Langley as well as ocean beaches on the Olympic Peninsula. He captures the essence of those places so well.


Time Laps #7, Photograph, Kim Tinuviel


Kim calls the work in this show “Street Lights”. Her brightly colored abstract images are bold and full of energy. Kim loves experimenting with photography and artfully orchestrates a complex interplay of camera and computer. Filled with the energy of Las Vegas, the photos almost vibrate with the excitement of dancing lights. By moving her camera around and using time lapse photography Kim orchestrated these images.









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