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Not Your Average Quilts

"You have some amazing work in the gallery for this Contemporary Quilt and Textile Show!" is what people are saying when they walk through the door and see the blast of color. The work truly is phenomenal from both a technical and artistic standpoint. Hanging an art quilt on the wall in a home warms it up and makes it feel cozy but it also brings a spot of color into a quiet corner or livens up a hallway or bedroom. But these quilts do even more. Something Venn-tured, Quilt, Elizabeth Ford-Ortiz

These quilts encourage the eye to rest awhile, dwelling on the complexity of the design or stitching in the quilting. The piecing in a quilt is so important, getting the colors and shapes just right, but so too is the style of quilting that accompanies the design. Quilt patterns accentuate and in some cases elaborate on the design.

So much thought and creativity goes into the design concept before it ever is stitched! This quilt by Elizabeth Ford-Otiz plays tricks on your eye, one minute you see opposing triangles, then circles within circles and then voila it turns into squares or rectangles. Shapes seem shuffle and move around! A perfect example of the complexity that evolves with design, color and stitching creating just the right pattern.

The other outstanding thing about all of these quilt artists is they hand dye or batik the fabrics they use in their quilts. The dying process is extensive, sometimes over-dying several times to achieve complex colors or markings. Nothing is unintentional, but sometimes it is magical! The dying process seems to give the fabric a sued look. Several professional quilters have commented that they were so impressed because color like this is not easy to achieve.

Meltdown, Art Quilt, Gale Whitney


If you have ever tried to batik fabric you will appreciate the complicated techniques applied to Gale Whitney's work. The Batik process is also complex, requiring the artist to dye the fabric then lay on wax, then more dye and more wax again and again, constantly working with the end design in mind. The final process is ironing out the wax till the fabric is soft and supple again. Finishing touches such as the exquisite texture created by the hand stitched quilting and the elegant applique process  attaching the man and his money to the top of the quilt, are all truly remarkable.

Its rare to see so many beautifully made quilts in one place and we are enjoying the glow!  We are truly honored to host these Art Quilters and encourage you to come in and enjoy the show.

Who knows you might even have a place for one of these fine quilts in your home!


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