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Inventive Art Exhibit!

This month’s show, DREAMING, has been so enjoyable! The work is incredibly varied and what people seem to love most is how unique the art is. I will even go so far as to say I think some of the artists have invented whole new genres of art! When I think about the amount of time, imagination and hard work that goes into each piece I am in awe of the artists this gallery represents! Listening to Michael Stadler explain how he creates his amazing surrealistic photographs makes me realize we aren’t in Kansas anymore…so to speak!

Whale, Photography, Michael Stadler

Michael is known for taking phenomenal photographs of weddings, school pictures, graduations, etc. But the  photographs in this show are not of that ilk. This work has something to say, each one is filled with whimsy and they are all thought provoking.

Michael starts with one or more of his original photographs, then using photoshop, he layers on textures, other photographs sometimes even uses a stylist to draw on the piece to create basically a photographic painting: a new art form completely. He’s calling them Photo Illustrations but really they look and read more like paintings. His wonderful imagination comes through as you peer into these new little worlds he’s created. I think he should put them into a book, one of those books that has no words, because there is a story behind each one. Michael said he began this series called 'Bedside Stories' when his son was born. They certainly evoke a dreamlike world full of surprises!


Then there are Bergen Rose’s incredible textile pieces.

Tree on Cowscape, Mixed Media, Bergen Rose

This too is a whole new art form!  People come in and exclaim that they have never seen anything quite like these exquisite textile pieces. First Bergen takes a photo of one of her paintings, or a photograph from her travels abroad or walks in the woods here on Whidbey.



Bergen transfers these photographs to either cotton or silk organza. Once transferred onto cotton, she quilts and embroiders designs on the piece. Finally she layers the silk organza onto the top of the cotton image creating a blended image. In some of the bigger pieces the silk organza floats above the cotton background, creating an interaction with the viewer. These textile pieces are creative and exquisitely beautiful!



Somnolence, Oil on Canvas, Danielle Hendrix


We are thrilled to welcome Danielle Hendrix to the gallery! A graduate of the So. Whidbey School District, Danielle has been studying art for several years and most recently attended the Gage Academy in Seattle. Danielle is fascinated with the topography of the human body. In this exhibit it’s female bodies she has focused on. Also a photographer, Danielle plays with the depth of field in her paintings. The eye sees the image up close and then far away which makes for a very interesting composition. Her paintings have elicited rave reviews from our artist and clients alike!



Another newcomer to the gallery is Karin Bolstad. Karin’s background is in illustration. Her mixed media images combine her original photographs with paintings.

Karin enjoys adding three-dimensional objects to her paintings which give them a more complex look.



Finally, Sara Saltee’s Assemblage Boxes are amazing! In one of her assemblages Sara has written a myriad of dreams onto paper, knotted, folded and tied them into shapes or stuffed them into little tiny bottles or

Knots and Folds detail, Mixed Media, Sara Saltee

compartments and sealed them with beeswax! Her words always add that final element that puts it all into focus: “Dreams are stories, made by and for the dreamer, and each dreamer has his own folds to open and knots to untie.”


So true, that’s the beauty of dreams we all wonder what they mean to us and work to unfold the mystery!




So thank you to the artists for making this show so incredible! Hope you all can come in and take a peek. The exhibit continues through October 28th.



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