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In Transition Artist Talk and Slideshow

Tonight Saturday Jan. 18, 2014, is a special opening and I hope you are able to come! The Retrospective showing of artist Sarah Wallace’s art paired with the art she produced during her journey through Alzheimer’s is astonishing. Ivan & Sarah

Ivan Neaigus, Sarah’s husband and caregiver, helped her to continue creating art over several years as she transitioned through the disease. The work itself has an eerie beauty and gives the viewer a great deal to think about especially when juxtaposed with her original artwork. But more important is Ivan's  message that helping patients experience things they love as they transition through this devastating disease can bring joy and comfort.

Ivan and concert violinist Talia Marcus will discuss their new collaboration that offers art, music and movement experiences to Alzheimer’s patients and caregivers. Having a chance to sit with Sarah and share her love for art helped Ivan and Sarah communicate when she was no longer able to connect in other ways. It gave them a focus and brought her out as she worked on something she loved. I think this joy comes through her work.


Ivan’s talk and slideshow of Sarah’s complete “In Transition” work starts at 6:00 PM this evening and will be accompanied by violinist Talia Marcus. The Artist Talk will include information about their joint venture to bring Art to Alzheimer’s patience In Transition. Proceeds from any sales of the Transition prints will go to the Time Together program at the Bayview Senior Center. This show continues through Jan. 27.


2. Two Scissors and a Red Marker  oil  2013  14X18Ah a new year, new paint and a few new names added to the already outstanding mostly Whidbey Artists Brackenwood represents. We have a wide range of offerings this month: several new Pete Jordan paintings, a new Georgia Gerber sculpture, new Jewelers Tessa Fleming and Ellen Hochberg and a new concentrated effort to include more contemporary work. DSC_0076Tessa has shown her jewelry and small sculpturettes at Sandy Wainwright’s “Wayward Son” gallery in Langley for many years. Along with Tessa’s work comes an amazing jewelry case crafted by David Gignac! Sandy Wainwright is retiring which is good for Sandy but bittersweet for Langley. She has been in business in Langley for about  27 years! Brackenwood is truly fortunate to have Tessa Fleming and the Gignac’s jewelry case join us! Soon, Sandy Wainwright will have jewelry at Brackenwood as well! We will be thrilled to add Sandy’s sophisticated and unique jewelry line to our gallery.

Wishing you all a prosperous and joyful new year! Come on in and see how fresh we look!




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