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Langley Art Walk & Brackenwood Opening Tonight!

Join us at Brackenwood Gallery tonight Feb. 1, 2014 from 5-7 PM for the Artists' Reception for... Eroticism, Intimacy and the Space Between, a very classy show! The artists at Brackenwood really stepped up to the plate for this month’s exhibit. The theme is broad enough to evoke a variety of responses all of which are tasteful and beautifully executed. Casey's Gold Diptych (1), Oil, Danielle Hendrix


Danielle Hendrix, a younger painter who grew up here on Whidbey, has three powerful pieces in the show. A diptych of two lovers, their heads and hands on one side, their feet and legs on another is definitely a focal point as people enter the gallery. Its already eliciting some interesting questions!


Jason Waskey, who usually paints still lifes, painted some

Invitation, Oil, Jason Waskey

lovely nudes or nearly nudes that feel reminiscent of Degas, Manet or Renoir. They are contemporary in nature yet his style reminds me of 19th Century French Salon paintings.


Jeff Day’s mixed media painting is a little gem, very classical yet with a decidedly Asian influence. Jeff is a multidimensional artist; he paints and sculpts. His sculpture of a sensuous female Bather is a strong balanced form that is also on display.

Sharon Spencer’s sculptures of several female forms beckon the viewer to touch them and follow their sensuous curves. While Georgia Gerber known for her animal forms has demonstrated she is also very adept at sculpting the human body!

Sleeping Girl, Prisma Pencil, Carrie Whitney


A returning artist Sharon Shoemaker brings some graceful and quietly elegant photographs that push the concept of traditional photography with a creative eye and alternative techniques! There are also some quiet intimate pieces by a new artist to the gallery, Carrie Whitney. She has captured the essence of those heartfelt moments we all have watching a child sleep or snuggling with your baby. Fara Wexler’s mixed media nude Dreamer is another exquisite piece.


At Brackenwood, there is the show up front and the show in the rest of the gallery. We try to feature as many of our excellent artists as possible each month. Every so often we add new artists and this month I would like to mention one, Earl Lasher. Earl is a watercolor artist who paints the subject matter he loves: water adventures in sailing and boating as well as the scenery found in N.W. waters or in his travels. He has painted all his life, loves art and feels so strongly about supporting budding artists that he donates the proceeds of his sales to several arts organizations who support art for children. We are proud to offer Earl a spot in our gallery and look forward to showing his work throughout the year.

As you can tell, there is so much to see and enjoy at Brackenwood! The show up front is a street stopper! Literally people are stopped in front of the gallery to peek in! Hope you can come in and visit us this month. The Langley Art Walk is tonight, Sat. Feb. 1, as well as our Artists’ Reception from 5-7PM.



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