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COLOR! Its all about color!

COLOR! Its all about color and pattern in this new exceptional exhibit by Buffy Cribbs and Bruce Morrow! Garden Guardian, Acrylic, Buffy Cribbs

Buffy Cribbs’ uses acrylics and paints on transparent plexiglass, a technique called reverse glass painting! This is a very complicated art form dating back to the Byzantine Empire. Buffy literally creates two pictures simultaneously. One picture is on the surface of the glass where the painter is painting. But the image Cribbs wants us to see is viewed through the glass on the opposite side as a reversed image. This painstaking process begins with what would normally be painted at the end of a painting, but instead is painted first in reverse. The painter literally must be able to think and plan backwards!

 A Bed of Roses , Acrylic, Buffy Cribbs

Cribbs’ work is whimsically capricious and her subject matter is striking, yet very familiar: family cats and dogs, darling toddlers and gardens weave in and out of these paintings. Cribbs’ use of colorful images, framed in gold or surrounded by intricately patterned backgrounds, bring these paintings to life. Buffy’s wooden or metal frames and handmade and designed by her and add a wonderful touch to these lovely paintings. All and all Buffy’s new paintings are completely delightful and beautiful! We are already getting many Ooohs and Ahhhs as clients come in to see the show!!


Going Home from Eagle, Oil, Bruce Morrow

I just heard a great comment, which pretty much sums up the delight

people feel when looking at Bruce Morrow’s work:

“I just want to walk into Bruce’s paintings!!” Annabet

I feel the same way. The paintings seem to take you some place and he always has something to say. His ability to transmit a place or feeling is palpable and its what draws people to the work. Bruce played with the idea of redacting and editing out portions in these paintings, which adds a bit of mystery to the compositions. Morrow’s style is to add a touch of humor: funny people, funny hats or just a laid back dude, whatever the image is you are sure to smile!


Come join us for the Artists’ Reception on June 7 from 5-7 PM. This exhibit continues through June 30!



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