Brackenwood Gallery

A gallery on Whidbey Island, WA representing the very best in fine arts and crafts from the pacific northwest.


Silent Watcher Face, Lloyd Whannell  

Today Brackenwood Gallery has been transformed into a beautiful sculpture garden complete with light-hearted paintings adorning the walls!   Lloyd Whannell’s “Silent Watcher” greets you as you stroll through the door.

"Embrace", Bronze, Sharon Spencer


Looking in the windows Sharon Spencer’s lovely “Embrace” awaits you. I asked Sharon the other day what inspired her to create such a moving piece, she handed me a poem…

“The snow falls in the far field where

Travelers spend the night.

I ask you, crane, to warm my child

In your wings.” Japanese Anonymous

Bobcat, Clay, Georgia Gerber



We have new work from Georgia Gerber in the other window, a bobcat with perky ears and an amusing new “Turtle with Rabbit” who is leaping over him. We always wondered how that Hare

won the race…


Sue Taves’ beautiful black granite wave series is majestic nestled among the flowers.

Wave Column, Black Granite, Sue Taves

Sue carved a fantastic piece of limestone to look like garden vines with a sensuous green and white limestone bird-bath atop. It’s just waiting for the birds!

Lunar Fragment, Steel, Dan Freeman


I can picture Dan Freeman’s rusty steel sculptures peeking out among a flock of spiky crocosmia or contrasting with some fluffy green foliage in a garden. Dan’s addition of an occasional rock adds a bit of whimsy to his work!



Bronze Vase, Jim Patereau


Check out Jim Patereau's vases, adorned with flowers from Vases Wild! His work is so great and fits in everywhere. Often Jim's work has an Asian influence and work extremely well for Ikibana arrangements.

Arabesque, Travertine, Ivan Nieagus



Ivan’s Travertine “Arabesque” with undulating pink, black and white veins, conjures up the look and feel of a garden in the Mediterranean. The fan shape, so smooth, adds to the stone’s nature.



Among all these fabulous sculptures, prominent on the walls, are

Red Planes, Oil, Jason Waskey

Jason Waskey’s brilliant paintings. A client came in this morning and commented, “You know what I love? Jason Waskey’s paintings! He’s like a contemporary Vermeer!” I have to agree. Jason’s work is fun, new and expertly painted. His themes of repetition and pattern weave in and out of the sculptures creating such a lovely ambiance in the gallery.


We feel very honored to represent these talented artists who are mostly from Whidbey Island (Jason’s a Seattleite but we are pretty confident that at someday he will be a Whidbeyite as well). Come in and enjoy the show, it is one of the best this year!



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