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Grasses, Monoprint, Francy Blumhagen Brackenwood Gallery is proud to present our Annual Print Show featuring Francy Blumhagen, Buffy Cribbs, Diane Divelbess, Bridget Fischer, Bruce Morrow and Briony Morrow Cribbs. We feel very fortunate to have such a talented group of print artists in this gallery. Monoprints, Monotypes, Collographs and more!

Francy Blumhagen creates Monoprints, One-of-a-Kind prints that are very unique. Francy uses actual plant material to print with and then utilizes color and technique to produce these delicate and lovely pastel prints. Blades of wheat grass, dandylions, snowberry and ferns are the base plants she uses to create these very unusual works of art. Sometimes you see the actual imprint of the plant, other times it is the ghost of the plant.


Karmakat, Print, Buffy Cribbs

Utilizing and enjoying her fabulous new studio, Flicker Feather Press, Buffy Cribb’s produced a variety of prints types for this show. Reaching back into the past, Buffy’s produced some very detailed brown tonal aquatints of old time images from Ireland. On the other hand her Karmacat and Green Man intaglio/monoprints are completely filled with color. Buffy also has two collagraph prints that are simple yet elegant. One is a landscape called “Ox Island” that literally has three lines separating the green fields, gray road and the blue mountains and is oh so effective.


Formal Thought VI-b, Lino Print, Diane Divelbess



Diane Divelbess always comes up with something completely different. Diane has produced a series of lino reduction prints on rice paper with geometric shapes, lines and textures in gray, black and white. She also has a lovely surprise print: the outline of a woman in deep blue on black. You almost don’t know she’s there till you get at just the right angle and voila! she pops out.


DaiTakohachi, Monotype, Bridget Fischer

Bridget Fischer’s work continues to amaze. Bridget’s prints are filled with color and texture and are very painterly. She’s created two stunning waterfall pieces cascading down in blues and white. Another print reminds me of a Georgia O’Keefe painting of buildings in the desert. All Monotypes (one-of-a-kind) Bridget’s work is bold and beautiful!


 Knucklehead, Print, Bruce Morrow


Bruce Morrow’s vibrant wood block print entitled “Loggerheads” has two buffalo head to head under a red and white stripped sky. Bruce’s sense of humor comes through in his art. These images remind me of Americana posters from the past you might see on Antique Road Show! Bruce stays with a western theme with a silk screen of a buffalo on a hill and an etched aquatint print of a horse racing across the plain. These are fabulous images!



Monkey, Hand Tinted Etching, Briony Morrow Cribbs

Briony Morrow Cribbs joined in from Vermont with her astounding etchings! Briony’s animals always have a touch of mystery to them especially when she combines body parts. Etchings are done by scratching thousands of tiny lines, points, dots, squiggles onto a copper plate that is covered with a waxy resist. Then the plate is put into an acid bath that “bites” the design into the surface of the plate. Briony hand tints each of her exquisite etchings. Even if you are not a fan of lizards, Briony’s lizard called” Anolis begs you to reach out and touch it!


Come and see this show! As a client visiting from Berlin remarked, “You really would not see any better art in Berlin, Paris or New York than what is in this gallery!” So True!




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