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If you are an animal lover or someone who supports local foods, you will enjoy the exhibit this month at Brackenwood Gallery! FARM & TABLE is a lively exhibit featuring some of the distinctive farm animals that abound on this island as well as the abundant food our farms and sea provide.  Got Goats anyone? ... Whattle, Photograph, Kevin Horan


Kevin Horan’s goat portraits are something to behold! Each of these animals has such presence and personality. But as Kevin explains, “…a good portrait is a collaboration between photographer and subject. But how do you collaborate with a goat? A goat you’ve just met?” I don’t know how he did this but the photographs are truly amazing!        Georgia Gerber brought in her Nubian Goat bronze sculpture to top off the goat offerings! My grand daughter loved it and it looks perfect paired with Kevin's Nubian Goat!

Nubian Goat, Bronze, Georgia Gerber


As a shepherd who serves her flock daily, Claudia Pettis knows sheep, which is her subject matter. She also knows painting. Trained as a classical painter, Claudia uses fine ground pigments, Belgium linen and complex glazes to achieve the textural earthy paintings of her flock.




Hey Buds, Oil, Sandy Byers



Her love of animals comes through Sandy Byers’ paintings. The way Sandy depicts her subjects lets you know she has a personal relationship with these critters. Horses deep in conversations, or cow buddies running to the fence to greet her convey the joy she feels when she comes in contact with animals.



Welsummer Rooster, Oil, Barbara Barry



“Holy Cow” by Barbara Barry is a fun and vibrant painting! I live across from Fossek’s farm here in Langley and I can tell you she captured the essence of cow curiosity I see in the cows across the street from me! I am also totally enamored with her Fiber Goat and Perky Rooster paintings as well.



Small, Medium, Large, Oil, Cary Jurriaans

Juxtaposed to the animals is the other part of the equation, the food we harvest and enjoy from our island. Cary Jurriaans, who is known for her elegant still life paintings, shows table offerings of Shigoku oysters, lovely eggs from the Burr Oak farm and bread made from wheat grown on local farms. Her paintings make your mouth water and your heart know the value of eating local.

Also, I would like to welcome Susan Burgers to the gallery. She brought in 3 ephemeral graphite drawings into the gallery. They are already getting acclaim and many positive comments so we are thrilled to have her work grace the gallery walls. Be sure to check her work out when you come in.

Come see this show, it is a winner! Commune with our artists’ during the Artists’ reception from 5-7 PM on Sat. Oct. 4, 2014. Or stop by sometime between no and Oct. 27 to enjoy the show!







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