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"PIECES OF LIFE" is absolutely that!

This month we are excited and honored to introduce three local younger artists to the gallery! This gallery has always been a place where local artists have been supported and embraced. Many of our artists have shown here for years and now a new generation of artists is starting to call Brackenwood their gallery. Pullets #1, Oil, Laura Hudson

I have to admit, Laura Hudson is not totally new to the gallery because she showed her work here 5 years ago. Laura went off to graduate school in Maryland to get her MFA. This summer Laura returned, got married, and  is now a permanent resident of Whidbey Island. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to represent her again! Being an island girl of course her new body of work was inspired by her mother Georgia Gerber’s chickens! These larger than life chicks are bright, full of texture and just plain fun to look at! Laura’s style is loose, her color palette is soft and warm and she captures the character of these animals. People who raise chickens will notice the movements and antics of these pullets look very familiar! Brackenwood welcomes Laura’s work with open arms.

Calm, Oil, Carrie Whitney

A full disclosure… I must say it is a special pleasure to welcome my daughter-in-law Carrie Whitney as a new artist at Brackenwood! Before I ever owned a gallery I knew Carrie was an accomplished artist because she presented our family with a wonderful painting of our son when they got married which hangs front and center in our living room. Carrie’s paintings reflect what she feels passionate about, the human figure. As a young mother, she weaves children into her work in a way that is timeless, something we all can relate to. With a few perfectly placed strokes of paint she renders a figure that is instantly recognizable. Her landscapes are equally accessible and filled with color. It’s a joy to see her work in this gallery on many levels!

Out the Window, Oil, Tobias Hall

I have been hearing about another up and coming artist Tobias Hall for a long time. Although not a permanent resident, Tobias has lived here off and on for a few years. He recently brought his work to the gallery and it was immediately obvious Hall is a very talented painter. Tobias has studied with master painter Anthony Ryder in Santa Fe and this summer taught drawing and painting along side artists Tim Stotz and Michelle Tully at Studio Escalier in France. From his time at a chateau in Poitou, Tobias captured the essence of the place in several small works. We have hung them in salon style and as a group they recall little moments, objects and vistas of France. Makes me want to go back there!

Four Ways of Looking at the Sky, Mixed Media, Laura Schmidt

Finally, Brackenwood is unique in that we are home to an amazing array of textile artists and they are also part of this show. Check out Liz Axford’s fabulous silk Compare/Contrast elegant and colorful banners! Laura Schmidt’s wall pieces are very contemporary designs that look like paintings till you look closely and realize they are painted, printed and sewn textiles! Natalie Olsen’s fish is delightful and of course Cheryl Kamera, Carys Ann Hamer, Bergen Rose and Peggy Juve have new one-of-a-kind chic wraps, scarves, hats and garments to tantalize your inner fashionista!!

Silk Jacket, Designed and Printed by Peggy Juve

So come help Brackenwood celebrate these artists and feast your eyes, after all it's November and it’s the month for feasts!





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