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Craig Kosak

We are blessed to have a cornucopia of amazing artists call Whidbey Island home. Count nationally recognized painter Craig Kosak in that number. At home in several galleries in the North and Southwest, Craig's work is frequently published in national periodicals (look for a new Article in Southwest Art Magazine in August!)

It's been about three years since he settled into his home and studio on five rural acres near Langley, and now Brackenwood is proud to give Craig's work a home here on the island as his "hometown" gallery.

Lord Tristan , oil, 46 x46

Lord Tristan, oil, 46 x46

While he has long been fond of animals that frequent the desert Southwest, he finds inspiration in the wildlife that frequents his home here on Whidbey.

You can see the colors of the island creep into his work; greys, blues and greens. Lord Tristan captures the moment a buck ran wild in his rhododendrons, tangling blossoms in his antlers. Grace and Mercury detail the encounter between a hummingbird and a red-tail hawk that lives on Craig's property.

Grace and Mercury , oil, 60 x40

Grace and Mercury, oil, 60 x40

In 2013, Craig was interviewed by the Museum of the Southwest in a fascinating podcast titled Myths and Legends. During the interview he covers his approach to painting, his interests and influences, and offers insight only an artist can.


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