Brackenwood Gallery

A gallery on Whidbey Island, WA representing the very best in fine arts and crafts from the pacific northwest.


Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I have a great love and a genuine feel for this beautiful area of the country. I love the abundance of water, the foggy beaches, the fabulous skies. I even love the subdued colors of a gray day. I paint with watercolor because for me it is the best medium for capturing our particular atmosphere. My process begins with many individual layers of paint, evolves into loose areas of wet-into-wet mingling of color and finally into painting the detail of the subject.

I consider drawing to be the foundation of my work, because I am after all a painter of realism. I believe if you understand the shape and structure of what you are painting, that understanding will allow you to get beyond the literal and into the essence of what it is you want to say.

I began painting after college and worked on my own in acrylics before giving it up for nearly 30 years of work and family, but my life as an artist really began when I moved to Whidbey Island, took up watercolor in 2004, and became part of Patti Gulledge-White’s wonderful class.

I’m still learning and will continue this amazing process for the rest of my life.


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