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On display during July:

Getting to Be. Joanie Govedare exhibits 13 unique pieces of raku pottery inspired by Jamie Sams work  “The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers

Using Braille with carving and painting on Raku fired clay, artist Joan Govedare explores the book “The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers” by Jamie Sams. She has created one ceramic vessel for each chapter in the book.  The book carries the perspective of age-old Indigenous female wisdom handed down from generation to generation. This series focuses on thirteen different ways of relating to Truth. The first chapters all lead to the final chapter, which is about Being Truth. Each piece is accompanied by a card that the artist designed honoring the specific Clan Mother and the guidance they offer.


Additional work by Joanie

joan garden tour 2015.JPG

I’ve always thought of spinning on a potters wheel as an apt metaphor for life. Things go so much better if you start out properly centered. I try to create art that fosters the same peace of mind and sense of well being I find when gazing at the starry night sky. That’s why most of my pots feature accurate constellations. I throw my work on a potters wheel, with a fine-grained local white clay, carving designs into the leather-hard surface after it is trimmed. Pine needles gathered in the nearby mountains fuel the raku firings and infuse the clay with a smoked, natural look. The final surface is hand painted.

Born in Pomona, California in 1952, Joan Govedare grew up on Catalina Island and in the Santa Ynez Valley of Southern California. She moved to Washington State in 1972, and to Whidbey Island in 1990, where she lives and has her studio today. Having had a constant and early experience in ceramic studios, she has been developing her own techniques since 1970. Joanie’s father, an astronomer, engendered in her an interest in the stars, which remains a large influence in her work today.


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