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A gallery on Whidbey Island, WA representing the very best in fine arts and crafts from the pacific northwest.


Craig Kosak, Lifeline 2, 30” x 60”, oil, wax and varnish on panel-mounted canvas, $3,900


After building his studio and relocating to Whidbey Island in 2012, Craig's focus began to turn inwards. That introspection fueled a dramatic shift in his art, from paintings that tell a story to paintings that share a feeling. A turn from representational art to abstraction.
Such a fundamental turn required learning to paint a new way, to build his tools from scratch, to try new things.
Hard at work for nearly half a year, Craig's first solo show of this new body of paintings: The Secret Life of Ravens debuts at Brackenwood this June.

Cary Jurriaans, Napkin Rings, 11" x 14", oil, $750


Still-life painter Cary Jurriaans notes that the world around us is constantly moving; things are moving at lightning speed. Movement seems to be the comfort zone that our world knows. The idea of sitting still and just settling into the space of stillness seems to be a foreign notion, a radical concept
Cary loves painting this stillness. It has a quiet that she craves. And there is magic that happens in this space of stillness that simply cannot happen in the space of continual movement. There is a purity and serenity that cannot be found anywhere else.
With this quiet mind approach, Cary considers the shapes of common objects, the reflections, the sleek lines and the soft and hard edges. An endless variety of patterns of light and dark fascinate her. The Language of Objects, this June

Georgia Gerber, Tug of War, 15”H x 50”W x 11”D, $6,800


For her June Spotlight, Georgia will be debuting some new work in the gallery. Come celebrate the season, and be among the very first folk to see her new pieces.


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