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AUGUST 2017 sees Pete's first solo show in over three years.

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Pete Jordan’s landscapes and still life works have a quiet drama with a compelling and familiar accessibility; a country road, old homes in a small beach town, a sweep of beach, and useful objects of daily living come to life with the strength, confidence, and originality of this self-taught painter.

Born in Grand Rapids, Minnesota in 1949, Pete Jordan moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1968. Following an early childhood interest, he has been painting full time since 1970. Combining a background in the environmental sciences with an interest in the natural world, the artist looks for and portrays subjects that are at once uncomplicated, and at the same time accurate in their detail.

Pete grew up in Isabella, Minnesota, at a Ranger Station in the National Forest there. The family moved in 1954 to Muskegon, Michigan where he lived for three years. It was during that period, at age 7, that he began painting.

From the beginning, his parents encouraged him to take his art seriously. When the family relocated to the Chicago area, where Peter lived until the late 60’s, he was regularly exposed to the Art Institute of Chicago. In 1965 he was a key finalist in the Scholastic Achievement Awards in Art through his high school. This, as well as the encouragement of a few influential art teachers, helped to push him forward toward a career in painting.

Pete has always been fascinated with old “stuff”. His still life’s are the reflection of this love, and they feature lanterns, oil cans, and old equipment in general. Peter started backpacking in the mid-1970’s, and he continues to consider this his favorite pastime. His love of nature comes through in his landscapes. The lighting is what most people comment on, but subject matter is what drives this artist. He isn’t drawn to the “obvious” scene, choosing instead that which is often overlooked. Morning light on a road, shadows on a field, snow alongside a path next to a fence. The viewer can feel the mood of each place can almost taste the way that moment was. Pete’s work does not hit you over the head with color and pizzazz; it enters your bones and evokes a mature appreciation for the splendor of nature. 


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